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Course Overview


We offer an academic and arts program that is different from what is normally offered in school. Our curriculum in the arts, sciences, and technology, now commonly known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), offers campers in-depth instruction, hands-on experiences, and projects designed to reinforce and illustrate the content. From creating and filming videos to solving a crime using forensic evidence, the All-Arts, Sciences & Technology Camp curriculums are designed to challenge, enlighten, and engage our campers. 


What are the age groups for the campers?


Campers are divided into two grade levels, Rising 2nd–5th, and Rising 6th and up, to better balance the academic coursework to the campers' levels. Content offered for the 2nd–5th graders is different from that of the 6th and up group. Our class size is small, and the curriculum encourages problem-solving and critical thinking.


How many classes can a camper take?


Campers choose between 1-2 courses to take for the week. Most classes are either offered in the morning or in the afternoon, we schedule the courses differently each year, so this is noted in registration but not the description. Some classes are "All-Day Courses" meaning that they select the one class for the week and attend that for each morning and afternoon session. These courses are noted in the course description for the class and you will be notified if you select an All-Day course during registration. 


How do I know which course my camper will like?


Each camper is unique.  Children have interests that can span across many years or just a few months. We offer a variety of courses for each camper to be able to choose something they are interested in during registration. Our course descriptions detail the general projects or ideas campers will explore while in the class. Should your camper's interests change from what they were at that time of registration, we can switch courses depending on space availability.  


Where can I see the courses?


First, determine which group your camper will be able to take classes. Rising 2nd - 5th graders are in the younger group and rising 6th graders and above are in the older group. For example, Leslie is currently a 5th grader this school year (usual time of registration), but over the summer, he will be a rising 6th grader. He should choose classes from the 6th & Up Course Descriptions.


**The registration system will automatically determine a campers group based on answers to initial questions, so please be sure to read all of the questions thoroughly.**

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