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Each camper will choose 1 class at the time of registration!

Please ensure that your camper(s) will have reliable internet access for the week of camp. A computer is required for Code and Game. Devices such as a tablet or phone may have decreased functionality in the video conferencing platform when used with the other classes, but a computer is not explicitly required.


Art Collab


(For Rising 2nd Grade and Up)

When we talk about mixed media, we really mean it. We're combining components of mixed media, anime, and more!

We’ll explore aspects of Anime and Manga and learn to draw in the style where eyes are important but nobody seems to have a nose.


Sample activities: Sculpture, watercolor painting, drawing, experiment with your own anime style, and collage.


Code and Game

(For Rising 6th Grade and Up) 

**Computer access required**

Have you heard of Scratch, the programming language developed at M.I.T to teach kids (like you) the basics of computer coding? It’s easy to learn and, with time and a little creativity, you can create games, animations, bring stories to life, and do lots of amazing things. And, once you learn the basics, the sky is the limit. Delve into the world of game development.


Sample activities: Learn to program simple computer animations and create a game that other people can play online.


Crazy Catapults

(For Rising 6th Grade and Up)

Long before they figured out how to use gunpowder to throw things at each other, soldiers loaded up trebuchets, ballistae, and other catapults to do the job. While not nearly as popular today for warfare, they’re still great fun to make and shoot; and like everything else we do around here, there is actual science and math involved!


Sample activities: Build a working trebuchet out of scrap. Construct other structures with your newfound knowledge.



Food Chemistry

(For Rising 2nd Grade and Up) 

**Oven and kitchen access required. Adult presence in the house is required. Please note that some items and supplies may need to be purchased beforehand.**

What if you woke up tomorrow and all the fast food places were gone and you had to (shudder) cook for yourself? Could you do it or would you slowly starve? Let’s not take any chances. Sign up for this course and you’ll learn to make something good from the basic food groups including the important cookies and ice cream group. In fact, you’ll never go hungry again…OK, you probably will. Let’s eat!


Sample activities: Make your own special blend of candy, preserved apples, cookies, and more!

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