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Where do the campers stay at night? 

In air-conditioned dorms. There are several staff members on each floor at all times when the campers are in their rooms. Wherever possible we designate separate dorms for boys and girls. When we have only one dorm, we put boys and girls on different floors or sides of the building.


How do you handle security? 

We do a background check on all staff members. The campers are never left unattended. A staff member escorts them to classes and daily activities. The dorms are controlled-access. 



What are the requirements for staff? 

The counselors must be 18 or older and are usually college students with experience working with youth. The instructors are usually teachers or graduate students. CIT's are former campers. Many of the administrative staff members have been with the program for several years or camp experience. The nurses and super-counselors are certified and licensed. 



How many counselors per hall in the dorm? 

There is at least one counselor per colony (12 or fewer campers). We also house other staff members on floors with the colonies. 



Which dorms will they be staying in? 
This varies per site. While we know in advance which dorms we will be assigned, we may not be able to tell you in advance which dorm your child will occupy. This information is available at check-in. 




How many campers per colony? 
12 or fewer 



How many counselors per colony? 



How many campers per room? 
Most dorm rooms are double occupancy. 



How many campers per class? 
18 or fewer, except for special classes 



How many instructors/staff members per class?
1 instructor, and 1–2 helpers 



Can I call my camper? 
If you wish to check on your camper, you may call the camp phone (336-740-0211) and leave a message. A staff member will return your call. If your camper has a cell phone, although it will be powered off or on vibrate you can call them, they will be able to return calls when they are in the dorm. 



Can my camper call me? 
In an emergency or if we think it will help homesickness, he/she may call. If they have signed the cell phone policy, they will have the opportunity to call when they are in the dorm. 

How many classes will my camper take during the week? 
2—one in the morning and one in the afternoon 


How long has the camp been in business? 
The All-Arts, Sciences & Technology Camp started on the UNCG campus in 1991. The camp was created by UNCG's Division of and is now sponsored by SERVE, Inc., which is responsible for administering all locations. 



How much does it cost? 


UNCG $870 (overnight) and  $560 (day)



Do you offer any financial assistance? 

We do not offer financial assistance. 



What are the bathroom facilities? 

Some of the dorms have community bathrooms, and some dorms have them in the suites. We suggest shower shoes and maybe a robe. 


Will the campers get to use the swimming pool? 
Not at this time, no.



What time do I bring my camper on Sunday? 

Residential camper check-in: 2:00pm–3:45pm 
Day camper check-in:3:15pm–4:00pm 


Do you go off-campus

No travel.


How are roommates assigned? 

Roommates are assigned by computer according to age. Your child may request a specific roommate as long as the roommate also requests your child and is (approximately) the same age and enrolled in the same course grade level. (You may want to contact your desired roommates' parents in advance to be sure they agree with the assignment.) 



Several friends want to attend together. Can they all room together?  

Most dorm rooms will only accommodate two campers comfortably. With enough advance notice, we can put the additional friends in the same colony group (but not in the same room). 



Do you have Day Campers? 




What time do I drop off my Day Camper?  Pick up? 

Drop off   8:30am 
Pick up   9:00pm 



When is bedtime? 

2nd–5th  10:00pm 
6th +  11:00pm




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