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Counselor-in-Training Program


The Counselor-in-Training program is a two-year program designed for former campers and others ages 16 and 17. The program provides participants an opportunity to have supervised week-long work experience while still enjoying the fun and friendship of camp. The program goes through skills to become a positive leader, team member, and role model.

CITs are expected to participate in every phase of 
the camp from registration through the closing program. They must be healthy and physically able to perform the jobs assigned to them. They are supervised by and report to a CIT Coordinator. 

CIT 1s

First-year CITs are directly responsible for setting up and assisting with recreation and evening concessions each day. They attend leadership classes in the morning and have other assignments in the afternoon. Typical assignments include shadowing a counselor or administrative staff member, assisting with a colony group, working with a classroom instructor, helping with evening entertainment, or distributing supplies.

First-year CITs pay a fee of $600 which covers their direct expenses. First-year CITs must apply to the program and go through an interview and referral process. Only a select number of CITs per week will be chosen. This week-long appointment is worth 40 hours of community service. 


CIT 2s

Second-year CITs pay a fee of $600 per week. They must be between 17 and 18 years old and have successfully completed the first-year program. The second-year program is by invitation only. Second-year CITs are assigned to a counselor and will spend most of their time with a designated colony group. They will also attend classes during the morning and maybe assigned various camp tasks throughout the week. The second-year CITs can earn up to 40 hours of community service. Successful completion of the CIT 2 program with positive marks will be asked to apply for counselor positions the following summer.


If you have questions about the job responsibilities of a CIT, please contact our Executive Director, Kelsey Myers.

Applications are due by Friday, March 6th, 2020

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