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The First Day

We will be meeting virtually on Monday, July 13th at 9:00 am to make sure everyone gets a chance to log on and join us. Any technical issues for campers or staff will be addressed between 9-9:15 am. AASTC introductions/Charlie (for returning campers) will take place before classes start and then we will break out into classes. Classes will generally last about 2 hours each morning and will break for lunch, afternoon Siesta, and any other activity that the camper can do on their own at home. From 3:00 - 4:00 pm campers will have the opportunity to log back on to join their colony for fun camp games, activities, and more!



Sample Daily Camper Schedule  

 9:15         Morning Charlie (9 am on Mon)         Zoom

 9:30        Class                                                       Zoom

11;45        Lunch                                                  On Own

  1:00       Siesta Time                                        On Own

  2:00       Extra Activity or Rec Time               On Own

  3:00       Colony Time                                          Zoom


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