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We will be updating this page with the schedule for virtual camp in the next few weeks. Please check back soon!

The First Day

The first day of camp (Sunday) is an important day for campers and staff. We spend time getting to know each other and start our team-building activities. After our first all-camp meeting, we eat dinner together and practice our class changing procedures. Day campers then go home to rest up for the next day's classes and activities. Residential campers end the day with an exciting and fun tug-of-war competition and then return to their dorms. 

Sunday check-in: We're usually very busy getting ready right before registration, so we will not be able to check anyone in early. If you do arrive early, take a walk around campus or find a cool place to relax for a while.  



  • Residential campers 

    • Check-in time: 2:00–3:15 PM

    • Camp activities begin at 4:00 PM

  • Day campers

    • Check-in time: 3:15–4:00 PM

    • Camp activities begin at 4:00 PM

    • Departure time: 9:00 PM


If you arrive late: There are usually staff members close by who can direct you to your colony group or you may find us in the cafeteria. If you think you may arrive after 4:00 PM, call our camp office at 336.740.0211.



Sample Daily Camper Schedule  


  7:30       Wake Up 

 8:00       Breakfast 

 8:30       Day Campers arrive

 9:00       Morning Class

11:00       Break 

12:00       Lunch

  1:00       Siesta Time 

  2:00       Afternoon class

  4:30        Skits/Games

  5:30        Dinner 

  6:30        Supervised Recreation

  7:30        Evening Entertainment

  9:00        Day Campers leave

10:00        Bedtime for grades 2nd–5th

11:00        Bedtime for grades 6th & up


Day Camper Schedule


Sunday afternoon: Day campers should report to our registration location (TBD) between 3:15–4:00pm. 

Sunday evening: Day campers are to be picked up promptly at 9:00 pm (Location TBD). 

Monday–Friday mornings: In order for activities to begin on time, day campers must be on campus between 8:00–8:30 am. Day campers are to be dropped off at a designated drop off/pick up (Location TBD) where camp staff will be curbside to meet your camper. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings: Day campers should be picked up promptly at
9:00pm at the designated drop off/pick up area. 



Camp Bank


Campers will need some spending money to purchase concessions ($25 max recommended) during the week. If you're camper plans to purchase concessions or a t-shirt from our Maker Mogul class, they are required to use the Camp Bank system. We will not be accepting cash at the concession tables this year (2018 change).



We will accept:


  • Checks must be payable to SERVE, Inc.

  • Cash ($1 & $5 bills please)


Camp Bank will be open for deposits at check-in and nightly before concessions. We can also accept additional money on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Returning campers, please note the change? We won't have two separate lines.


Camp Mail

If you wish to send your camper mail, please send it early enough to ensure it will be delivered while your camper is still on campus. You must include your camper's colony name in the address. Address camper mail in the following manner: 


UNC Greensboro 
Camper's name & name of colony* 
All-Arts & Sciences Camp 
UNCG Online
PO Box 26170 
Greensboro, NC 27402 

*You will get your camper's colony name at Sunday check-in. 



Camp Nurses


Camp nurses will be on duty during Sunday registration to check in your camper's medication and/or to address any concerns you may have regarding your camper's health. Camp nurses are on duty 24 hours a day during camp sessions


Parent Phone Calls and Visits


We feel it is in the best interest of campers and parents alike to restrict both visits and phone calls. If you wish to inquire about a camper's well-being or needs, leave a message for the camp director or the camp administrative assistant at 336.740.0211. Due to camp activities and the number of campers attending, it may take a while to get back in touch with you. However, we will respond immediately if it is an emergency. 

Cell phones for campers are discouraged. Parents insisting that their camper have a cell phone at camp must sign the Cell Phone Policy Agreement at check-in. 


Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

If you are considering flying your child to or from camp, please contact our registration team at 336.740.0211 to make arrangements for pick-up and/or drop-off after registering. NOTE: There is a $25 charge for transportation each way. 


Camp Festival

On Friday morning, the All-Arts, Sciences & Technology Camp Festival will be our concluding activity. Parents are encouraged to attend the festivities, which begin at 9:00 am with an Olympic-style parade. A multimedia show of the week's activities follows the parade. Following the slide show, parents will have the opportunity to see their children's work and meet the instructors. The program will end at or around 11:00 am, and the campers will be dismissed. 

Final Confirmation Letters and What to Pack 

What should my camper bring to camp? Do you allow cell phones? How do I navigate campus?  
You can find the answers to these questions and more in our Camp Welcome Letters that are sent out and posted in the few weeks prior to camp. Check to see if this year's Welcome Letter has posted here!


What to Bring: 

Water bottle
Bathrobe and pajamas
Underwear, shirts, socks, shorts, jeans.
Flip flops and tennis shoes  
Laundry bag  
Bathing suit/towel 
Alarm clock  
Camp dance outfit  
Linens: towels, washcloths,

sheets or sleeping bag, pillow &

pillowcase, blanket (chilly dorms)  
Spending money 


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