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We promote diversity at AASTC. From our training to our staff to our campers, we try to embody the meaning of diversity in fun education. We acknowledge that it falls short sometimes, but we try to make progress and improve every summer. Our camp stands with people of color, women, and any group that faces discrimination daily.

We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and nationality. All campers, families, and staff are welcome. 


Bullying, inappropriate language, and repetitively disruptive behaviors are grounds for dismissal. If a camper is dismissed for any of these reasons, refunds will not be available.


If your camper requires any reasonable accommodations to support their experience at camp, we will do our best, but can only do so if we know. Please help us prevent any unwanted behaviors by letting us know of your camper's needs prior to the start of camp.


There is a participation agreement included in the registration. Please be sure to read through expectations, waivers, and agreements and complete all forms.

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