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All-day or Full-Day course. One course for both AM & PM


Morning course only.


Afternoon course only.



Morning or afternoon course. Not a full day course.


16-Hour Film Challenge 


The clock is running and you’ve got till the end of camp to cast, film, edit and market a film in competition with other teams hoping to win the honor as “Best Picture.” This is an intense course modeled after the “48 Hour Film Festival.” You will take the Film Challenge as both your morning AND afternoon class. Things may get a little tense as we get close to the deadline, but if you’re really into film and like the thrill of competition, this is the course for you. Please note:  This is a FULL DAY COURSE. You will take this class for both your AM and PM class choices. $25 class fee.


Sample activities: Be part of a production team to direct, star, and edit a class film project.



3D Printing


Printing just got a lot more exciting! Learn all the ins and outs to designing and 3D printing a piece of your own! See how prototypes help you fix problems before you print and watch the machine do all the work. $50 class fee.


Sample activities: Design a unique piece, 3D print your masterpiece.





You might have seen movies by a little company called Pixar and thought to yourself: Hey, that’s incredibly cool. I wonder how I could learn to do stuff like that. Well, that may be a few years away but here you can learn just enough to be dangerous—sort of dangerous. We’ll teach you the basics of computer animation, and you’ll produce a short animation that could maybe (possibly, in theory) propel you on the path toward becoming a real computer animator.


Sample activities: Claymation, Stop-motion, Hand-drawn and computer animation using Wacom tablets and Frames software.





We’ll check out some of today’s best-known Anime from “Spirited Away” to “Howl’s Moving Castle” and while we’re at it, explore other aspects of Anime and Manga and learn to draw in the style where eyes are important but nobody seems to have a nose. Perhaps you’ll be the next Miyazaki (hey, it could happen) and the best way to find out is to give it a try.


Sample activities: Explore some of the genre’s most notable works and experiment with your own style



From Bored to Board [NEW]


It happens, you've played to same video game a few times or you're tired of the board games you have, you're a little... bored. Instead of only playing a board game, it's time to create one. A game that you can play with friends with new characters, new settings, and new rules. See what it takes to build a board game from start to finish, from bored to board!


Sample activities: Design and build board games, explore other game types like a card, escape room, movement-based, virtual reality, and more.



Class of the Undead


What started out as a minor annoyance is getting seriously out of hand. It’s turning into a classic case of Camp Versus Zombies. Join our elite team of Zombie fighters while trying to figure out the cause of what seems to be some kind of infestation. Is it viral or bacterial? Is it waterborne or is transmitted by air? Can it be cured or are we all doomed? The clock is ticking and the number of victims is piling up. It’s up to you and your team…what’s left of it.


Sample activities: Crack the code of this simulated epidemic. Battle the undead!



Code Writing


Have you heard of Scratch, the programming language developed at M.I.T to teach kids (like you) the basics of computer coding? It’s easy to learn and, with time and a little creativity, you can create games, animations, bring stories to life, and do lots of amazing things. And, once you learn the basics, the sky is the limit.


Sample activities: Learn to program simple computer animations and create a game that other people can play online.



Computer Building 


So you might use one every day to do homework, watch your favorite music videos, and even post pictures of camp! Dive inside the computer motherboard and see the chips, fans, and processing power up close as you put it together! Work together to build and create a living, breathing- well a working computer! Please Note $75 class fee.


Sample activities: Preparing sections to be placed in the computer, connecting a motherboard, installing components, and testing systems.



Crazy Catapults


Long before they figured out how to use gunpowder to throw things at each other, soldiers loaded up trebuchets, ballistae, and other catapults to do the job. While not nearly as popular today for warfare, they’re still great fun to make and shoot; and like everything else we do around here, there is actual science and math involved!


Sample activities: Build a working trebuchet out of scrap. Knockdown the walls of a major European city (not really... but you know).



Digital Photography


Digital photography is where we connect our cameras to our imagination; explore creative composition, macro photography, and perspective photography. Half our time will be spent "in the field" taking photos and the other will be spent editing our photos using Photoshop and other editing software. If you thought Digital Photography was just pointing and shooting, then you've been missing out. Join us if you are interested in taking your photography to a whole new level.


Sample activities: Create camera tricks and shots and use photo-editing software, participate in our Mystery Photo contest.



Exploring Micro: Bit 


Microprocessors are the hearts of all computers, but it’s not just computers that have them now. Almost anything electronic has a microprocessor these days. From your washing machine to thermostat to doorbells. Our day to day life has millions of microprocessors, and Micro: Bits help us see just what goes into those processes and connections. Learn a bit about microprocessors! $25 class fee.


Sample activities: Learn basic coding, send messages, design games, alarms, and more.



Fan Fiction


There is a whole genre of fiction based on the character and setting of previously published works. Harry Potter, Star Wars and Hunger Games to name a few have inspired writers of all ages to create their own stories borrowing from their favorite books, movies, TV shows, and even video games! If you're a first-time author eager to get started or a writer wanting to get beyond the basics, this class is for you. Get published to one of the many fanfiction Internet sites.


Sample activities: Read and write age-appropriate fan fiction, learn creative writing techniques, with the option to upload stories to Web.



Food Chemistry


Food glorious food! No, it isn't magic, it's science and in this course, we'll be literally whipping up some really cool experiments and figuring out food mysteries like why does bread rise, how to keep food fresh virtually forever and what happens when you extract H2O (Water for the uninitiated) from fruit. let's get cooking


Sample activities: Create some fun and edible comestibles.





Remember when you couldn’t turn on the TV and NOT see a CSI show? OK, you probably don’t but we’re not giving up on one of our most popular courses. Crime scenes still need to be analyzed and suspects brought to justice and we’re just the camp to do it.



Sample activities: DNA extraction, fiber and hair analysis, facial recognition activities.



Game Development [NEW & IMPROVED]


Video games have come a long way in a really short time. Graphics and effects are improving with each new generation, and anyone who wants to get into the business someday needs to start now!  In this course, we learn to program a game engine, create characters, and set them in motion. Will you be the creator of the next great blockbuster game?  Get your game on!  Please note:  This is a FULL DAY COURSE. You will take this class for both your AM and PM class choices. There is a $75 class fee. 


Sample activities:  Use a game design program to create a one-of-a-kind video game! 



Maker Moguls 


Got what it takes to start the next epic business venture? Are you innovative, creative, or good at selling your ideas? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, this class is your opportunity! Work with your business partners to design, create, and market your product in only 4 days—talk about rapid prototyping in a lean start-up! The team that makes the most money will be named Top Entrepreneurs! All profits are donated to local teachers. Please note: This is no longer a full day course. There is a $25 class fee.


Sample activities: Start your own business! Create a marketing campaign, design and create products (t-shirts, bags, bracelets) and sell them to campers and parents (all profits donated to charity).



Podcast This [NEW] 


If you've been on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or any other radio or music program recently, you've heard about podcasts. Podcasts are topic-based discussions that can be found about practically any subject with new twists and perspectives popping up each day. You can have the next big podcast idea floating around in your head, but how does one go about creating one? What goes into a podcast? Find out how to get your ideas out in the world! 


Sample activities: Create your own podcast, interview guests, and edit together your audio segments 





People have been building and launching rockets for centuries. They’re used for entertainment and warfare (remember “and the rockets’ red glare”?) They’re also handy when you want to send huge payloads into space. All the uses have one thing in common: to defy gravity if only for a moment. Learn about thrust, acceleration, and vectors (and a lot about gravity), and then STAND BACK… 3...2...1! Please note: $25 class fee.


Sample activities: Construct and launch several model rockets.



Survive this Planet [NEW]

Our world is ever-changing, what works now might not be our best option 50 years from now.  Something that will never change? Our need to survive! Whether you are caught without your LifeStraw on a camping trip or want to make a solar oven for your mini pizzas in your backyard, learn survival skills and about harnessing alternative energies, in case you're caught in a situation that needs a little creativity and a lot of ingenuity.


Sample activities: Purify your water, discover edible plants, build a solar oven, emergency shelters, hydropower wheel, and more!



Work of Art 3-D


Choose your brushes and sharpen your pencils because this is mixed-media madness, baby! Every day is a new project with new media designed to plumb the depths of your creativity and challenge your preconceptions. It’s a fast-moving class where today’s art is tomorrow’s garbage and vice-versa. Sure, it’ll be messy, but art takes no prisoners!


Sample activities: Create mixed media and wood sculpture, altered books, printmaking and more!


























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